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Hello! Welcome to the colorful shell Limited Hong Kong Company
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  • Colorful shell paint use various kinds of marine organisms shell as the main raw material, is a research and development, produce, sales high and low levels of putty as the operating strategy of modern enterprises. Strong technical development team, advanced product quality testing equipment, advanced professional technical and sales service personnel, ensure the enterprise product support capabil……【Detail】
  • Contact:Manager Tian Manager Sun
    Tel: 0530-8285828 / 8286828
    Free phone:400-0700-852
    Email: 2764716227@qq.com
    Add:Juye Development Zone
    Industrial Park Shandong
    Zip: 274900
    Msn: www.qicaibeike.com
    QQ: 2764716227
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Address:No. 190 Tung Chau Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong   Phone:4000-700-852
Customer ServiceQQ:2965854877 / 2736345201 / 12687305506 / 1598976644 / 2287526605
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